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Case Studies

Here are a few examples of custom development projects we have done for other customers. We'd love to talk with you about your project.

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More Info the know your lemons app on an iphone

Know Your Lemons App

Know Your Lemons Foundation

iOS and Android app that explains 12 ways breast cancer can present and guides users step-by-step with a personalized plan to manage their breast health.

More Info offline tracker on a laptop

Offline Tracker

Pansophic Learning

Offline Tracker helps teachers track time that students report spending on course activities outside of the learning management system.

More Info panopen on a laptop and a phone



Web and mobile platform that universities use to adopt, customize, and deliver open licensed and instructor-developed textbooks and teaching materials.

More Info therapymate on a tablet


TherapyMate LLC

SaaS platform for running mental health clinics that supports scheduling, patient notes, electronic billing, and accounting.

More Info open assessments on a laptop

Open Assessments

Lumen Learning, BYU, MIT

Open source embeddable quiz player that supports playing QTI and EdX format quiz files. Can be configured for use in both formative and summative assessment situations.

More Info clinical evaluation system on a laptop

Clinical Evaluation System

Utah Valley University

Survey application that helps nursing schools manage self, supervisor, and instructor evaluations of clinical experiences.

More Info masters of history on a tablet

Masters of History

Utah State University

A flash card LTI app for exploring history that includes a leaderboard designed to increase student motivation and learning.

More Info open tapestry on a monitor

Open Tapestry


A content management and mashup tool that teachers use to draw content from anywhere on the web for instructional use.

More Info base blocks on an iphone

Base Blocks

Utah State University

An interactive math tool that elementary school teachers use to teach place value and regrouping for addition and subtraction.

More Info demo arigato on a laptop

Demo Arigato


Sales support tool that populates a Canvas instance with selected courses and simulates student activity in those courses based on data specified in Google spreadsheets.

More Info eliciting math misconceptions on a laptop

Eliciting Math Misconceptions

Educational Development Center

Customized version of the open source Canvas LMS to support administering diagnostic math assessments for rational numbers.

More Info concept map authoring tool on a laptop

Concept Map Authoring Tool

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A visual authoring tool for concept maps. Talks to MIT services to retrieve and store map data, including course objectives, activities, and resources.

Our Process

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We visit with you to understand and document your needs and constraints including audience, existing systems, timeline, and budget. We will dial in on your top priorities and ensure your project gets off to a great start.

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We aim to offer solutions that are simple, powerful, and a pleasure to use. Our design process includes user stories, wireframes, and full fidelity designs. We'll also work with you to make thoughtful technology decisions and create data architecture.

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We use the best reliable industry tools to facilitate communication, project management, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Whatever your project needs, from e-commerce to mass emailing capability, we know how to best make it happen.

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We are committed to keeping you involved and aware of the state of your project, so we aim to release working code every week. We work in weekly iteration meetings to clarify, assign, estimate, and prioritize, ensuring you are happy with your project from start to finish.

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We monitor our systems and processes to help us find and resolve problems quickly. If your users are seeing an error, we are too. Server-side/client-side error monitoring and uptime monitoring ensure we'll always be first on the job to remedy any issues.