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Explore our seamless integration with Canvas, Blackboard Learn, and Brightspace

Easily find your learning materials without having to endlessly click and scroll through your courses.

atomic search UI
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Smooth learning for students

Help your students find answers effortlessly, making their learning journey smoother than ever.

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Hassle-free search for teachers

Atomic Search indexes your materials, which helps you locate past assignments in a snap, without the hassle of navigating through old files.

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Full power for administrators

Effortlessly search the entire instance, not just one course. Managing your LMS has never been easier.

Less stress, more effective learning.

Save your students time by letting them quickly and easily search their course content in your Canvas, Blackboard Learn, or Brightspace.

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Personalize your search

No more searching just by title and description. Atomic Search offers intuitive search and filter options to get general results or exact matches.

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Save your students more time

Atomic Search is an LTI 1.3 (Advantage) tool that helps you find pages, files, assignments, discussions, modules, or any content within your files quickly and easily.

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Secure your search

The best part? It respects user roles in each course, so you get relevant results to find exactly what you're looking for.

atomic search analytics

Make informed decisions

Teachers and administrators can view usage analytics, while users can search only the content they have access to.

Stop walking in circles!

Simplify the search experience for your LMS users.

Atomic Search supports the following types of content so you don't miss a thing.

  • Pages
  • Files
  • Discussions
  • Assignments
  • Syllabi
  • Modules
  • External URLs
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Download the Atomic Search flyer and share it with your colleagues!

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