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Measure learning better using Atomic Assessments over 60 interactive question types. Increase student engagement by embedding interactive activities in Canvas pages. Generate assignments from item banks. Student accommodations can be created by overriding settings for specific students. Atomic Assessments is a full featured product that can be customized for publishers and schools by Atomic Jolt.

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Allows easy keyword searches across content in an accessible way. Atomic Search is the first and only integrated Canvas application with comprehensive search functionality. Search across all of your courses at once. Student search parameters can be configured to limit or expand search capabilities.

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Encourage students to engage with course content by asking them to respond to polls. Polls help students feel connected with other students and learn by comparing their responses with the responses of other students.

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Increase student interaction around course content by inserting discussions into Canvas pages. Discussions help students connect with other students. Inserting discussions in pages allows students to interact with others around content similar to how they do on blogs and news websites.

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