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Know Your Lemons App

Know Your Lemons Foundation

Know Your Lemons is an iOS and Android app that explains 12 ways breast cancer can present and guides users step-by-step with a personalized plan to manage their breast health. It includes a descriptive audio guide to take the guesswork out of conducting self-exams, and a risk assessment quiz that creates a customized screening plan based on personal risk factors. The app cleverly includes a period tracker to provide precise reminders for when to do monthly breast-self exams according to a person's breast cycle and when the ideal time is to book that annual mammogram, which can also be done within the app.


The Know Your Lemons Foundation came to us with a need for an experienced developer that could take over their existing project and make it even better. Their previous developer had decided to use closed-source code, making it much more difficult to maintain and update. Since the idea behind the project was already sound, they just needed us to come in and make it into what they had originally envisioned.


After assessing the state of the previous work, we decided to rebuild the app from scratch using React Native and set up an encrypted database with Realm. To track app analytics we've connected the app to Firebase where we've been able to gain insights into app usage. We also manage regular deployments to both the App Store and Play Store. Right now we're working on internationalizing the app to support additional languages and screening recommendations for specific countries.

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