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Open Source Self Hosted Canvas

Secure, scalable, and performant solutions.

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Instructure provides the most cost effective offering for cloud hosted Canvas. If you need to customize Canvas beyond what is possible in the Instructure cloud or have special security needs, Atomic Jolt can help. We have extensive experience setting up, customizing, integrating, hosting, and maintaining open source Canvas.

Available Services


We specialize in providing a customized, highly secure and performance oriented solution.


Our skills in hosting prevent downtime, security issues and will perform at scale.


We regularly apply operating system updates and bring in the updates to Canvas that Instructure releases.


Support is round the clock, 365 days a year. Your system is guaranteed to be up and running when you need, which is all the time.

Enterprise Level Open Source LMS Hosting

Atomic Jolt has over 5 years experience hosting open source Canvas for large organizations including a branch of the US military. As part of this work we have developed enterprise level approaches to hosting and maintaining Canvas. This work has required us to provide an enhanced level of hosting to meet the stringent security requirements of the Department of Defense. Our team brings experience not only hosting Canvas, but also, migrating data, customizing Canvas, integrating third party services, training Canvas administrators, and supporting change management activities.

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Key Features


Allows customization beyond what is possible in the Instructure cloud via Canvas plugins that run alongside the core Canvas code.


Able to handle large numbers of simultaneous users.


Scalable to large number of users using horizontal scaling on AWS, Azure, or other data centers.


Your Canvas runs as its own instance, separate from all others. Problems or increased load in others' Canvas instances won't affect yours.


Uses multiple application and database servers so that if one fails, Canvas does not go down or lose data.

Back Ups

Ensures data will never be lost by using a trailing slave database and by using nightly backups.

Disaster Recovery

Backs up entire system and data nightly to an off site server so that it could quickly restored in the event of a natural disaster or other event that completely destroys the primary system.


Pro-actively monitors the health of all Canvas subsystems in order to be able to detect potential problems before they affect customers.


We regularly apply operating system updates and bring in the updates to Canvas that Instructure releases.

LTI Deployment

We can easily deploy LTI applications on the same servers that Canvas is running on, reducing hosting costs.


We optionally bundle the Atomic Jolt apps with our Canvas hosting to enhance Canvas functionality by adding the ability to search content, proctor and configure high stakes exams and embedded assessments, discussions, and polls.

Build a Custom Solution

Some problems need a custom solution. Atomic Jolt has over 20 years of experience creating custom software. Our partnerships, open source starter apps, and deep experience with IMS standards, Learning Management Systems, and online learning allow us to quickly deliver custom solutions that support effective instruction.

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