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Offline Tracker

Pansophic Learning

Offline Tracker is a tool that Atomic Jolt built for Pansophic Learning to help teachers track time that students spend on coursework outside of a learning management system, oftentimes completely offline. Schools use reported offline activities along with other tracked online activities to report and provide evidence of meaningful student engagement. In addition, facilitators use the data to help guide when and how they intervene and counsel with students.


Pansophic Learning is an international education company that helps organizations use technology to make education more efficient, effective and accessible. They run online school programs for K-12 schools in the US and UK. These schools are required to provide evidence of meaningful student engagement. In order to provide that evidence, Pansophic needed to provide a comprehensive record and summary of daily student class activities.

Pansophic can track activities that students complete inside the learning management system and in a web conferencing system. However, Pansophic has no way to directly track course related activities that students complete using third party websites and systems. In addition, they cannot directly track student offline activities such as visiting a museum, reading a book, or building a model of a bridge. Pansophic needed a way to allow students to report these activities that they cannot directly track.


Atomic Jolt built Offline Tracker as an LTI tool that integrates with and presents a user interface inside of a Learning Management System. Students and teachers access the Offline Tracker inside of each online course. Students can log time, describe their activities, and upload evidence including photos and documents. Teachers can review student reported activity and approve submitted time.

In addition to building the Offline Tracker LTI tool, Atomic Jolt architected and implemented a solution for collecting events into a Learning Record Store (LRS) from the LMS, Offline Tracker, and the BigBlueButton web conferencing system. Students Offline Tracker sends events to a LRS which gathers events from multiple sources. Data aggregated in the LRS is used to generate reports that schools use to monitor, report, and provide evidence of meaningful student engagement.

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