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Creating engaging, aligned curriculum customized to your institution's needs.

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Canvas training and orientation consulting services.


Adapting face-to-face curriculum for exclusive or supplemental online use.


Learning Management System and External Tool adoption and selection.

What We Do

From elementary to higher education, and even adult education, our team of instructional designers and subject area professionals specialize in developing or enhancing curriculum that not only aligns to your specific standards and criteria, but also boosts learner engagement and retention. We are experienced at helping organizations leverage Open Educational Resources (OER) and collaborating with clients to deliver research-based professional development services.

Common Core

College and Career Readiness

21st Century Skills

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Institution/Organization specific standards

Curriculum Development Solutions

  • Provide or collaborate with subject area experts to develop and evaluate content tailored to the desired outcomes and goals.
  • Experienced in Test Conversion Services and creation of formative and summative assessments online with detailed outcomes reporting.
  • Skilled in online, blended, hybrid, asynchronous, and synchronous course formats.
  • Proficient in boosting existing course engagement and retention by enhancing or creating interactive content with hints, response-specific feedback, and question types that appeal to a variety of learning styles.
  • Efficient at procuring and developing stand-alone or supplemental curriculum using Open Educational Resources.
  • Experienced in integrating College and Career Readiness, project-based, and work-based learning experiences.
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Professional Development

  • Canvas training and support services for administrators, teachers, students and parents.
  • Curriculum and Unit mapping services.
  • Evidence based and practice informed online teaching practices.
  • Course templates and design.
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