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Empower business students to take control of their learning

Atomic Assessments boosts student engagement and collaboration right from your LMS.

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Improved learning experience

Over 30 customizable settings and 40 question types, including business-centric content and projection charts.

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Intuitive interface

Create better content with minimal training required.

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Seamless grades record set up

Configure grades to record automatically to the LMS grade book or set up ungraded practice quizzing within your course content.

Transform your LMS

Increase virtual class engagement in business education. Boost learner outcomes and student success.

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Formative and summative capability

Customize learning experiences for individual learners.

Integrated in your LMS

Create standalone tests or explore real-world business scenarios and insert interactive activities directly into pages.

Detailed reporting on student performance

Get powerful insights at both the individual and group levels.

High-stakes tests

Deliver high-quality proctored assessments. Invest in your students' future today.

Easy to learn and use

Quickly identify learners that have mastered material or need additional support.

Intuitive assessment software with minimal training required.

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Increase student achievement

  • Generate assignments from item banks
  • Offer multiple attempts for individual questions
  • Utilize dynamic learning algorithms with adaptive testing options
  • Use data tables to vary content
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