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Open Tapestry


Open Tapestry is a cutting-edge online course authoring tool that helps faculty find, adopt, customize, track, and curate web resources, including videos, images, web pages, and documents. Open Tapestry helps universities integrate web resources into course materials they deliver via learning management systems (LMS) such as Instructure Canvas or Blackboard Learn.

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In this Internet age, we take for granted the wealth of learning resources and answers to almost any question that sits at our fingertips. Despite this, university instructors continue the difficult task of incorporating online resources into their online course materials. Reasons for this include: difficulty finding relevant resources, inability to adapt resources to the specific needs of a course, and copyright issues. In addition, many instructors want to develop and maintain their course materials outside of the learning management system used to deliver classes.


Open Tapestry solves the search, adaptation, licensing, and LMS integration problems through cutting-edge approaches and technologies. When an organization adopts Open Tapestry, they receive their own index that they manage by bringing in repositories that have already been harvested and by adding new ones. In addition, you can choose from and add live search integrations such as Google open license image search, or searches across library or publisher catalogs. You can even use the Open Tapestry bookmarklet to collect images, videos, pages, or parts of pages from anywhere you visit on the web. Open Tapestry lets you sequence gathered resources into and build new pages from collected snippets and assets. When you harvest or bookmark a resource, the license is automatically detected for later attribution during authoring and for inclusion in reports. While you can curate and author content directly in Open Tapestry, it also provides seamless integrations with leading learning management systems such as Instructure Canvas and Blackboard Learn.

BOTTOM LINE: Years of experience building tools for online learning and working with universities allowed Atomic Jolt to successfully develop Open Tapestry. Many universities consider it a leader in the market for delivering solutions to transform how online courses are authored.

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