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Support learning by reflection in Canvas.

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Student's who reflect on their learning "become accomplished at recognizing that they are learning and building skills continuously" - (Helyer, 2015) Atomic Journals allows you to effectively incorporate reflection into online learning by inserting writing prompts into course content where students can record their responses.

How does reflection impact learning?

  • Increase the depth of knowledge
  • Identify the areas which are missing or deficient
  • Personalize and contextualize knowledge
  • Provide comparative references in learning
  • Help learners build structural connections in knowledge

- (Chang 2019)


Atomic Journals allows you to quickly create graded or ungraded reflection prompts directly in a Canvas page or as an assignment. Flexible journal entry settings allow you to select private, anonymous or teacher visibility options to facilitate the type of reflection that is best for your students.

Easy Reports

The reports feature allows you to quickly score and give individualized feedback to journal responses. You can also monitor student reflection entries, word count, and grades on an assignment or at the course level with a simple click.

User Friendly

Facilitate reflection directly in your students' learning space. What your student reflects on and learns should be easily accessible both during and after class. Students can view all course journal entries or just focus on the one they are working on. They can even download their journal and save it to their computer for safe keeping.

Download our Atomic Journals flyer to help convince your Canvas Admin that you need Journals in your Canvas.

Our apps are accessible

At Atomic Jolt we care about everyone being able to use our apps. We have evaluated our products and found them to be substantially conformant with Level A and Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1. While not fully conformant, conformance issues that pose a significant barrier for users with disabilities have been addressed.

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