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Increase student engagement with inline discussions in Canvas.

abstract view of atomic discussions in canvas

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Increase student interaction around course content by inserting discussions into Canvas pages. Discussions help students connect with other students. Inserting discussions in pages allows students to interact with others around content similar to how they do on blogs and news websites.


  • Insert discussions into Canvas pages
  • Supports threaded discussions
  • Teachers and students can upvote posts
  • Students can report inappropriate posts
  • Teachers can control a profanity blacklist used to auto-detect inappropriate posts
  • Discussions can be configured to make posts anonymous

Easy Reports

  • Track overall student discussion participation
  • Filter discussion results by discussion, module or entire course
  • Export results to a CSV or PDF file

Download our Atomic Discussions flyer to help convince your Canvas Admin that you need Discussions in your Canvas.

Our apps are accessible

At Atomic Jolt we care about everyone being able to use our apps. We have evaluated our products and found them to be substantially conformant with Level A and Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1.

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