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Clinical Evaluation System

Utah Valley University

We built the Clinical Evaluation System (CES) for Dr. Joohyun Chung, an associate professor in the Nursing Department at Utah Valley University (UVU). Dr. Chung requested an electronic system to manage students' clinical practicum records. UVU is a rapidly growing university that is anxious to customize Canvas to better meet the needs of its 25,000 students.


Until now, UVU has done their clinical evaluations on paper - which is time intensive and difficult to manage. With the widespread adoption of the Canvas LMS at UVU, Dr. Chung saw the opportunity to move away from a paper-based system to an electronic one. Because all students are required to enroll in a Canvas course as part of their practicum, there was a natural opportunity to use it to connect with the students. As an LMS, there wasn't a ready-made solution to managing clinician evaluation records; therefore, Dr. Chung turned to Atomic Jolt to create one.


Atomic Jolt consulted closely with Dr. Chung to understand and document the cases describing how teachers, instructors, and preceptors would want to use CES. From there we created, shared, and iterated wireframes and design mockups showing the screens and interactions of a proposed system.

The CES app uses OAuth to allow UVU nursing instructors to login with their existing Canvas credentials and authorize the app to access their courses. It uses the Canvas APIs to retrieve the list of students in a course, send messages to the students asking them to complete self evaluations, notify the students when preceptors have completed evaluations, and assign grades based on evaluations.

BOTTOM LINE: CES now allows clinical evaluations to be performed entirely electronically, reducing the time and management headache required to complete them. The integration with Canvas allows instructors to avoid re-entering student information and facilitates communication.

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