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Orchestrate your curriculum exactly how you want

Leverage OER to create, edit, and embed content into any course, assignment, and assessment.

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What will you do with the time you save?

Search through multiple repositories and content libraries, all from the same place. Create or edit your content and even preview it live as you're making it - all without ever leaving your current course, assignment, or assessment.

Safe & secure - an LMS admin's dream

No more leaving your course just to copy and paste external links, or keep track of outside login credentials. Through LTI Advantage (1.3) access all OER repositories and libraries from a single source without leaving the LMS.

Save valuable budget for something else

By leveraging OER (open education resources), you can use already curated content from other educators and subject-matter experts, for free! Because OER content doesn't require a license and isn't subject to royalties, you never have to pay extra for the content you find.

Feature list

  • Add external content to any course, assignment, and assessment
  • Create content without leaving the LMS
  • Edit any piece of content, on the fly
  • Preview content while you're creating
  • Search multiple libraries and repositories of OER content from a single place
  • Access through Pages, Discussions, Files, Modules, Module Items, Rich Content Editor, and more
  • Safe and secure integration through LTI Advantage (1.3)
  • Embed content in any capable place - link if embedding isn't supported
  • More integrations coming soon…

canvas studio logoCanvas Studio

Engage with students as you record, edit, and submit interactive videos

canvas commons logoCanvas Commons

Create a learning object repository that helps you find, import, and share resources


Integrate with a library of shared content from other subject-matter experts

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Our apps are accessible

At Atomic Jolt we care about everyone being able to use our apps. We have evaluated our products and found them to be substantially conformant with Level A and Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1.

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