Atomic Jolt

Atomic Jolt is a software development company with deep expertise in teaching and learning. We have been developing software for over 20 years.


Our mission is to deliver technology based solutions that support engaging, effective, efficient teaching and learning.


We value learning, openness, accountability, and innovation. We believe that the best ideas and implementations should win, regardless of who or where they come from.


Our customers are major Universities, EdTech companies, and K-12 school districts around the world. Drop us a line; we think it could be the start of something special.

Products and services

Atomic Jolt offers products and services for education. We build custom web and mobile applications for education. We customize, enhance, and integrate learning management systems by using industry standards and LMS APIs. We host, maintain, and support open source Canvas for large organizations.

Joel Duffin profile picture

Joel Duffin, PHD

Co-Founder, CEO

Joel sets the vision and leads Atomic Jolt as its CEO. He is a software industry veteran with a PhD in Instructional Technology, and undergraduate degrees in both Math and Physics. Joel’s true love is working with clients to understand their needs and to envision, design, and implement simple solutions to the complex challenges of teaching and learning. Joel and Justin met in grad school and started working together in 2006. They enjoy a fruitful collaboration that combines their passion for education with their expertise building quality software.

Outside of work, Joel enjoys reading and learning, spending time with his wife and children, and going into the outdoors.

Justin Ball

Co-Founder, CTO

Justin Ball is the CTO of Atomic Jolt, a software developer company based in Northern Utah. Originally, a C++ and .Net monkey, he found his way to Python and finally joined the Ruby community. Along the way, he fell in love with Cache Valley, became an advocate for economic development in Utah’s rural communities, and built and sold two successful ecommerce companies.

In the rare moments when he isn’t writing code, talking about code, or measuring his code productivity in profanity per hour, you can find him on his bike in the mountains or on the roads surrounding Cache Valley.