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Empower learners with captivating and effective content.

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Identify key issues and determine effective tools and strategies to ensure effective solutions.

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Develop new or enhance existing content to ensure alignment, engagement, and retention of learners.

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Offer curriculum and Learning Management System training, consulting services, and professional development.

What We Do

From K12 to higher education, adult education to workforce training, our team of instructional designers and subject area professionals specializes in developing or enhancing curriculum that not only aligns with your specific standards and criteria but also boosts learner engagement and retention. We are experienced in helping organizations leverage Open Educational Resources (OER) and collaborating with clients to deliver curricula and materials grounded in research that support learning success.

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Enhance Your Reach with Atomic Jolt Expertise

Atomic Jolt's Curriculum Services bring innovation and excellence to your educational programs. Let’s meet and create an engaging, aligned curriculum customized to your institution's needs.

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Our Comprehensive Services

Staff Augmentation

Access additional expertise from our curriculum development and instructional design department. This flexible resource allocation allows for efficient project completion and optimized workforce management.

Curriculum and Training Alignment

Create new or adapt existing curricula or training programs to increase learner engagement, retention, and success. Our expertise includes utilizing Open Educational Resources (OER) to support institutional and corporate initiatives, significantly reducing ongoing costs while maintaining high-quality standards.

Instructional Design Services

We provide ready-to-use solutions, facilitator guides, and interactive content designed using evidence-based practices. Our instructional design services ensure that your curriculum or training program is effective, engaging, and impactful.

Enhanced Accessibility

Ensure your content complies with WCAG AA or AAA and 508 accessibility standards, making learning accessible to all students and employees. Our services help you meet these essential standards.

Digital Transformation

Convert paper-based content into digital formats, enriching the learning and training journey. Our digital transformation services modernize your curriculum, enhancing accessibility and engagement.

Boosting Engagement

Integrate strategies to boost student and employee engagement and retention, enhancing overall course or training effectiveness. Our techniques make learning and training more interactive and enjoyable.

Subject Matter Expertise

Collaborate with your experts or utilize our own to ensure top-quality content creation. Our subject matter experts bring depth and insight to your curriculum or training programs, enhancing their relevance and impact.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Explore enhancing and aligning cost-effective OER options to enrich your educational and training resources. OER provides a cost-effective way to access high-quality materials.

Interactive Assessments

Craft formative and summative assessments with targeted feedback to enhance the learning and evaluation process. Our assessments provide meaningful feedback, improving performance and outcomes.

Professional Development

We offer comprehensive training to empower educators and learners. Our professional development programs ensure that your team is well-equipped to deliver top-notch education and training.

Interactive Learning Solutions

Leverage cutting-edge software tools to create interactive and impactful learning materials. We specialize in:

  • Articulate 360
  • Educational and training videos
  • Formative and summative assessments
  • Interactive PowerPoints
  • Choose Your Own Adventure exercises
  • Escape rooms
  • Accessible infographics
  • Interactive case studies
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