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Dr. Michelle Greene is a successful mental health professional that not only has a personal practice, but has also started and maintained multiple clinics with her husband, Don Greene. Over the years, they tried using a number of software systems to manage their clinics but never found one that met their needs. With a background in software development and years of experience managing their clinics, Don decided to create TherapyMate, a platform to meet their needs and the needs of clinics like theirs. Because TherapyMate pricing is based on pay-for-use, it is ideal for individual practitioners and small clinics; and it has the ability to scale for larger clinics.


Initially, the Greenes worked with a consulting company that outsourced development. After working with the company for eight months, the company delivered designs that were pretty, but useless. While the web application appeared to have everything, nothing actually worked. The Greene’s had registered for a booth at a few upcoming tradeshows and were concerned because they still didn’t have any working code. Don met with Joel and quickly decided to join forces with Atomic Jolt. When we first looked at the code, there were a lot of duplications, very little standardizations, many anti-patterns, and fundamental architecture decisions that could not support offering TherapyMate on a Software as a Service subscription basis. This likely occurred because multiple inexperienced developers had worked on the project without sufficient senior technical leadership and oversight.


Within two months, and in time for the tradeshows, we revised and extended the existing code to deliver a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that the Greenes were able to begin selling. TherapyMate provides functionality for scheduling appointments, recording and managing patient notes, invoicing insurance providers and patients including medical billing, payment processing, and easy handling of a clinic’s accounting. It also provides an integrated workflow that optimizes user interactions. Atomic Jolt has continued to maintain and improve TherapyMate for a couple of years now in response to user feedback, changing industry requirements, and market competition. One of the revisions included major marketing rebranding.

BOTTOM LINE: A floundering project was turned around, delivered on time, and exceeded client expectations. Atomic Jolt has continued to evolve the TherapyMate platform and has become a key partner in helping the Greenes deliver a leading platform for mental health clinics. TherapyMate currently has many users and is rapidly growing.